Why Concierge?

Elite Concierge Medical was conceived with the vision to give people the highest standard of personalized medical and chiropractic care without any limitations. In nine years of owning my own insurance based practice, I found 30% of my time consumed with paperwork, which was a huge deterrent to me because I was not able to allocate 100% of my time to giving my patients the best personalized care they deserved!

On top of my frustrations with the insurance company’s requirements, my patients were getting increasingly frustrated as well, with deductibles on the rise, less approval rates, and limitations to the number of visits, allowed my patients were not getting the care they needed. I simply had enough, and gave up my big insurance based practice to open a smaller more personalized concierge practice, which allowed me to apply chiropractic care without limitations and put my patient’s needs first. I am so proud to be able to provide a concierge practice to the community, where I can take more patients and help more people achieve their health care goals.

Elite Concierge Medical is a place where you can get exceptional care by obtaining a membership for $99 per month which gives you access to your doctor on a daily basis without limitations, and allows you to affordably enjoy the benefits of natural health care.

Respectfully and in good health, the chiropractor,

Dr. Nickalis J. Dumas, D.C.