Because you are reading this, I’m sure you have questions about what we can do to help. I know the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is time and cost. Due to the ever-increasing costs of the current health care system, this has always been a real concern of mine as well.

You see, the current health care system is actually the very reason I joined Elite Concierge Medical in the first place. Prior to now, I had spent 20 years devoting my entire life to helping patients. The problem was that I was under the thumb of the insurance model where bureaucracy, cost, and time spent on paperwork, authorizations, and insurance verifications without any help from time-saving technology like a Fully-Verified system created more and more separation between myself and my patients. The documentation became so consuming that I was forced to sacrifice time spent with, not just my patients, but my family and friends as well, and exhausted a lot of my passion in the office.

It was because of the disconnect I began feeling with my patients that I was so ecstatic to be given the opportunity to come to Toledo with Dr. Nick at ECM to deliver the closest thing to socialized medicine: immediate access to services, facilities, and staff for a low monthly fee of $78. This type of service allows you to receive the attention and care that you deserve without the headaches of the current insurance model. It also allows us, as doctors, to really place our focus back on why we chose this profession in the first place—to serve and help you, the patient.

Because we are so excited to get back to doing what we love—spending more time with and truly helping our patients—we would like to offer a complimentary spinal evaluation and 2 follow-up adjustments so that you can experience all we have to offer at Elite Concierge Medical.

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In Good Health,

Dr. Mark McCullough